Maskné: under the mask

Maskné: under the mask

These days when we can't go out or go somewhere without it it becomes difficult for our pores 🙂 mask acne is real. “While the use of it protects us and others from Covid-19 and colds, it can lead to the appearance of some pimples. The dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology, tells us the causes and effects of maskné, as well as how to prevent and combat it. ”

“If you have a tendency to breakouts on your skin under the mask, you should make sure to use the correct facial care products to protect your skin barrier and keep your skin clean of potential dirt that can block your pores and lead to sprouts. Start with the correct cleanser for your skin type ”

One of the doctor's recommendations regarding a good moisturizer is to use one based on water-gel or hyaluronic acids in serum and completely stay away from products or creams with very heavy substances. Another suggestion is if our skin has a tendency to breakouts, we should not apply serums that contain high levels of Vitamin E on our face, because it is an oil-based antioxidant, which can contribute to a breakout of pimples, since they contain fat saturated, another point to note the doctor is that he mentions an ingredient that is popularly used these days in some dermocosmetic products has caused outbreaks in his patients more prone to acne, which is squalane.

Another option is to have at least three masks, and rotate their use. "It is also important to wash fabric masks regularly because they rub directly on your skin. It is recommended to use a detergent free of dyes and fragrances to minimize the risk of allergies or irritations, which can not only cause rashes, but also promote large acne breakouts. . "

Our product suggestions according to the recommendations in the article:


As for cleaners, there are different visions, some say they should be harder or with more chemicals, others more natural, what is certain is that the Korean vision of a double cleaning is the most effective we have seen in the last weather. Including not only a gel or water based cleanser but also an oily or balm based cleanser as the first step is the foundation of the Korean 10-step routine. (more info soon)

Our cleaning suggestions are All Clean Balm by Heimish, this cleanser in balm is the favorite of Korea and the world, hypoallergenic and with more than 10 types of natural aromatic oils helps to remove traces of sebum, sunscreen and makeup, shea butter and coconut extract give the skin moisture and elasticity. All skin types