The #AHA component in dermocosmetics

The #AHA component in dermocosmetics

Have you ever heard of the #AHA component? 

What is it? A type of hydroxide acid, the purpose that it fulfills in dermocosmetics, is to exfoliate, and depending of the concentration that a certain product has, it will help remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.

Some of the benefits of using it are:

- Reduce inflammation caused by acne, rosacea, and other skin problems
- Reduce the appearance of large pores and wrinkles. 
- Even skin tone - Improve skin texture
- Remove dead cells
- "Unclog" pores to prevent acne

Water-based and made from fruits, AHA (Hydroxy Acid alpha), helps to "peel" the surface of your skin, so that new cells, more evenly pigmented, can be generated. After using it, you will notice a slight change as your face feels softer.

But .... Does it work for me ??

AHA is mainly used by people who have:
- Mild hyper-pigmentation such as age spots, scars, melasma
- Large pores
- Fine lines or superficial wrinkles
- Skin tone irregular skin (not uniform)
- AHA is NOT recommended in LARGE amounts for dry or overly sensitive skin

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